antique tea service

Please browse our selection of teas and accessories using the menu above or if you are after something specific please consult the full index below.

All of our teas are available for purchase in our Edinburgh store. There are also a number of tasting tables where you can relax and try fresh brews of any of the teas. We have a selection of traditional scones, cakes and tarts for the perfect accompaniment. You can also find a wide selection of tea related products (some new and some antique).

Woman taking tea  - extract of a painting by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon ChardinTea is renowned for its health benefits. In the 18th century it was thought to "fill the body with life and spirit". A typical cup of tea, brewed for 1 minute, contains 10-40mg of caffeine. A typical cup of coffee has 70-180mg.

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