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Pu Erh Raw

Pu Erh Raw

A rare, high quality, Pu-Erh, pressed into a tea brick, and aged for three years. It has a beautiful bronze colour and can be brewed numerous times. Initial brews have a very refreshing tang, with hints of orchid flowers. Later brews are softer with more prominent floral tones.

Unlike the ripened pu erh, raw pu erh is not wet fermented. The precessing begins very similar to a green tea. After the leaves are withered for the second time under sunlight, they are pressed into cakes or bricks and placed in a humid storehouse for three years. This careful ageing creates the unique flavours and tones of the raw pu erh.

Yunnan Provence, China

Region: Yunnan Provence, China
Harvest: Spring/Summer
Age: 3 years