antique tea service


A large array of tools, vessels and other accessories have been developed for the preparation and consumption of tea by many different cultures. We provide a small collection of modern essentials. In addition, please visit the shop to see a selection of antique teapots and tea sets, both on display and for sale.

Tea Ball

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Tea balls can be very useful in classic teapots that do not have a built-in infuser. They have a small chain that allows the tea to be easily removed from the pot the moment it has reached the perfect brew. The entire pot can then be enjoyed with tea at its perfection.

Tea Scoop

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A large brass tea scoop with a natural wood handle is an elegant tool in the tea preparation process. Making tea, in any culture, is steeped in ceremony and ritual. The inspection and measuring of loose leaf tea is aided by this exquisite scoop.

Tea Sock

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The classic tea sock or tea net. This cotton net allows you to steep the tea in the pot for precisely the desired amount of time, ensuring the whole pot of tea remains at the perfect strength.

Tea Tongs

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Tea tongs can be used to enjoy the quality and taste of loose tea in a single cup. The tea ball can be easily filled and the tongs allow quick and easy removal of the loose tea.

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